From the Gulf Oil Spill to Hurricane Harvey, the Algae Conspiracy Has Gone Full Circle – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show


From the Gulf Oil Spill to Hurricane Harvey, the Algae Conspiracy Has Gone Full Circle


This article is more of an annotated bibliography. The evidence for the following claims is overwhelming.

Here is the thesis for this article: There are several agendas working in concert and the net effect and byproduct of all them is the creation of large algae deposits for the purpose of energy development. This marks the beginning of a new era in energy usage and many people are being hurt in the process.

Major Changes Coming

As Obama left office, he signed a $12 trillion climate change with the UN based on the Paris agreements. Essentially, your energy is going to skyrocket in cost. Your access to energy is going to be severely controlled. One of the most notable changes we are going witness is the conversion of oil to biofuels which will be controlled by the same case of characters.

One biofuel has emerged as the choice and we are seeing this energy being championed in a major way in the MSM with a plethora of commercials like the following.

Algae Commercial

Although it is true that the President Trump did remove the US from the Paris Climate Change Treaty, the moment he leaves office, the treaty will be thrust upon the United States.

This article is structured in such a way that if the reader takes the time to follow the evidence trail, there can only be one conclusion that makes any sense. Specifically, this article will detail the following:

  1. The globalists through their government minions are in the process of destroying massive bodies of water including, but not limited to Chesapeake Bay, Northern California, the Great Lakes, the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. The destruction are not because of neglect, it is willful destruction with very ulterior motives in mind, but the desire to create algae farms, through intentional destruction of the land and surrounding water.
  2. The globalists are using nitrates from fertilizer and Corexit to accomplish their desire to create a dead zone in the aforementioned bodies of water.
  3. The globalists are creating water dead zones which will allow the proliferation of algae growth and the oil companies have initially led the charge to convert our energy usage from oil to algae.
  4. Prominent globalists are involved in this conspiracy and have contributed massive resources to this endeavor.
  5. Prominent globalists are attempting to buy up as much water as possible to exacerbate the destruction of water resources in the aforementioned areas. In other words, Americans are looking at extreme water scarcity from which the globalists can wage wars and force submission to their will while at the same time carry out their stated depopulation agenda.
  6. I wrote back in May that my instincts told me that this conspiracy has more breadth and depth than what is revealed here and it is my sincere hope that my fellow researchers will afford some much needed attention to these issues because I strongly believe there is more to learn and we do not have much time because humanity’s fate hangs in the balance.

My instincts were correct! When we look at the following developments, there can only be one conclusion. Before jumping to the effects of Hurrican Harvey, let’s look back in time to establish a pattern of behavior, namely, our food supply is being imperiled in order to grow algae. And our oil industry is under severe attack to make way for algae.

The Gulf Oil Spill

From Parts Five and Six of the series I previously wrote called The Great Gulf Coast Holocaust, it was conclusively proven that BP, Goldman Sachs, Transocean and Halliburton prepositioned (e.g. BP stock dumping) themselves to make money from the destruction of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. However, there is a lot more going on in the Gulf than a handful of corporations each making hundreds of millions of dollars from their contrived role in the oil spill. The motive to destroy the Gulf holds the promise of making certain entities and individuals multi-trillions of dollars.

The Obama administration and many others (individual billionaires, select politicians, BP, Exxon, Nalco, GM, GE, Goldman Sachs, University of Chicago, and many others including the Department of Defense are all deeply invested in bio-fuels. These billionaire psychopaths will willingly sacrifice the Gulf and all of its residents for this multi Trillion Dollar industry representing a new era of energy applications.

Revelations from a Previous Investigation

The Gulf Oil Spill

As mentioned, I wrote a seven part series following the Gulf Oil Spill, In this series I painstakingly detailed how this “accident”, was really no accident at all. In fact, I saw the same governmental behaviors as I am presently seeing in the Central Valley of California, related to the Oroville Dam. Namely, we witnessed the world’s largest artificial creation of algae along the coastline of the Gulf Coast states, should this dam break.

During the recovery and treatment phase of the Gulf, BP, over the objections of the EPA, used the highly dangerous oil treatment called Corexit. Corexit is so dangerous to human life that it is banned in 17 countries. So, why was it allowed? Corexit forces the oxygen into the water column. The net effect is that the only thing that grows is the new popular biofuel, algae. In fact, in the Gulf, people like Soros and Gore began showing us and investing in of all things, algae farms along the coast.

What I discovered several years is when the dams are destroyed in NO CAL, the only thing that will grow for several years will be algae. What an amazing coincidence.

Reference Articles

Do Not Eat Our Food In the Gulf

Part 6  Great Gulf Coast Holocaust

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Search Engine “The Great Gulf Coast Holocaust:- Note: Do Not Use Google’s Search Engine

The State of Jefferson Movement

Northern California and Southern Oregon counties have formed a conglomeration of over 20 counties to form the state of Jefferson in order to get away from the EPA and the BLM in order to escape the withholding of water to ranchers and farmers and the destruction of their dams along the same lines.

One interesting side-note has to do with who is behind the destruction of the dams. It is none other than the former Secretary of the Interior, Bruce Babbitt, who opposed all dams in his tenure in office. Further, former Attorney General, Eric Holder, has been brought in to assist.  In the case of the destruction of dams in NO CAL, Babbitt has helped Governor Jerry Brown in this endeavor. Another partner in crime, to this  end, is none other than John Podesta, according to researcher Paul Preston of Agenda 21 Radio. So we have the dam buster joining forces with the child molester.  This is the motivation behind these seemingly unconnected events.

Here is what I discovered back 2013 when I was investigating the State of Jefferson movement.

The Algae Factor

The destruction of the Klamath River dams will result in huge deposits of algae which will make this pristine land very difficult to farm. It was at this moment that I had an epiphany. The Agenda 21 goal of depopulating this region was also motivated by a secondary goal, the proliferation of algae. This is something that I have a great deal of knowledge about, because I’ve dealt with this issue when I was writing my seven part series on the Gulf oil explosion.

“As I discovered in the Gulf, the use of Corexit as the primary oil dispersant was very ineffective and led many researchers, like myself, to question the wisdom of the use of the most toxic dispersant on the face of the earth. In fact, Corexit does not disperse any oil, it merely submerges the oil. But what Corexit does do is it sucks all the CO2 out of the water and creates a dead zone. And this is precisely what we see along vast stretches of the Gulf, dead zones. When it was revealed to me that algae proliferation was going to be a byproduct of the destruction of these dams, I realized that this was very likely intentional. In the Gulf, algae farms, the next biofuel craze, have been springing up all along the coastline. The sponsors of this algae movement in the Gulf Coast have been none other than Al Gore, Warren Buffett and George Soros. Following the destruction of these dams, I fully expect to see the same globalists bringing their algae farms to this abandoned region.”

Oroville Dam Break and Algae


I have received numerous communications which are talking about a hum in the community in the picture, below, on the upper right hand side of the photo.  These people are complaining that they have migraines after hearing a consistently low humming noise. The animals are impacted and many of the people are having trouble sleeping at night in this area called the Kelly Ridge area. Will this be the straw that breaks the camel’s back or Oroville?


If the dam breaks, there will be unparalleled damage to this rich, fertile farm area. Nothing will grow but ALGAE. That means that the 2nd richest rice producing region in the world will be no more. The United States’ largest winter vegetable and fruit production will be no more.  Can you say famine, complete control of food, UN intervention for humanitarian regions? And there is another advantage….Of course the UN Peacekeepers would be invited in by Gov. Brown to “help out”….

There is another advantage for the globalists as well.

Algae Is Dumbing Down America

Several years ago, as I was investigating the algae phenomenon, I found that Mike Adams had already blazed the trail of the dumbing down effect of the substance.


“(NaturalNews) Scientists at Johns Hopkins Medical School have identified a mysterious virus that literally makes people stupid, and it has so far been found in about 45% of the people tested.

The discovery of the “stupid” virus, normally found in algae, was revealed at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study, entitled “Chlorovirus ATCV-1 is part of the human oropharyngeal virome and is associated with changes in cognitive functions in humans and mice” is found at this link on the website.

The rather shocking take away from the study is that the virus alters the gene expression of brain cells, literally making people perform more poorly on cognitive tests, visual processing and spatial awareness.

So far, 90 people have been tested for the presence of the virus, and 40 tested positive, according to The Independent. [2] “Those who tested positive performed worse on tests designed to measure the speed and accuracy of visual processing. They also achieved lower scores in tasks designed to measure attention,” reports the paper.

According to the study abstract, the virus alters gene expression relating to “…synaptic plasticity, learning, memory formation, and the immune response to viral exposure.”

This virus, in other words, can truly suppress your brain function, memories and immune response. And it is apparently quite common in humans…”



As far as the globalists go, what a wonderful byproduct of Algae, the dumbing down of the public.

Hurricane Harvey and the Houston Oil Refineries

The impact of Harvey on the Houston area extends far beyond the devastation of 50,000 homes, the destruction of an untold number of destroyed businesses, and of course, the loss of life.

Forbes provided an analysis which stated that Houston’s boom is likely over and the oil industry will never be the same again. Oil is algae’s major competitor. When Harvey devastated Houston, among the uncounted casulaties in the MSM, is this far-reaching effect upon the oil industry. What the Paris Climate Change Treaty could not accomplish to making American energy unaffordable, the weather modification attack upon Houston will accomplish. The long-range effects on oil prices and other related costs are going to be devastating to the American economy. Not only will Houston take a generation to recover from the scars caused by Harvey, America will, at some future date, come to embrace algae as the fuel of the future.

Companies including Exxon Mobiland and Valero Energy shut down their facilities in the area and evacuated workers.

I almost forgot to mention on little item. When the flood waters, resulting from 50 inches of rain, subside, nothing will grow in the surrounding rural areas of Houston, for years, except…..ALGAE!

And what what will this do to food prices in America, in the long term?

There is one more item that the MSM is failing to even mention at this point and it is the 11 superfund sites that surround Houston that have been compromised. The release of these deadly chemicals associated with these sites, will have long-term health effects. Some experts I have spoken with fear that we will see, in the not-t00-distant future catastrophic effects on human health. The water supplies of Houston may be permanently imperiled as described by the AP in the following report:

Graphic shows location of federal superfund sites around Houston, including flooded sites; 3c x 4 inches; 146 mm x 101 mm;

“…Long a center of the nation’s petrochemical industry, the Houston metro area has more than a dozen Superfund sites, designated by the Environmental Protection Agency as being among America’s most intensely contaminated places. Many are now flooded, with the risk that waters were stirring dangerous sediment.

…The Associated Press surveyed seven Superfund sites in and around Houston during the flooding. All had been inundated with water, in some cases many feet deep.

On Saturday, hours after the AP published its first report, the EPA said it had reviewed aerial imagery confirming that 13 of the 41 Superfund sites in Texas were flooded by Harvey and were “experiencing possible damage” due to the storm.

The statement confirmed the AP’s reporting that the EPA had not yet been able to physically visit the Houston-area sites, saying the sites had “not been accessible by response personnel.” EPA staff had checked on two Superfund sites in Corpus Christi on Thursday and found no significant damage.

AP journalists used a boat to document the condition of one flooded Houston-area Superfund site, but accessed others with a vehicle or on foot. The EPA did not respond to questions about why its personnel had not yet been able to do so…”  (Thank you AP for telling the truth). 

The following statement is cruel, but true: Houston has stage-four cancer and it is spreading to the rest of the nation. The impact of Harvery is catastrophic and the long-range impacts are barely being reported.

Hurricane Irma-The Wildcard

How many major oil rigs will Irma take out? This of course, would benefit the algae industry. What US industries will be imperiled by Irma? If Irma has similar effects, then even the most cautious and conservative people should start asking questions about weather modification and this apparent attack upon our food producing land as well as the oil industry which will leave large segments of land in the United States unable to sustain anything by algae.

How many times in the history of the insurance industry, have individuals or businesses been caught setting fire to their homes and businesses in order to receive a lucrative payout of insurance money? This is exactly what BP and Exxon are doing. They are intentionally burning down their own home (oil) in order to construct a behemoth palace (bio-fuels).


There is a clear pattern in that every planned ecological disaster has algae proliferation as its byproduct. Now we are seeing the algae process being advertised in the MSM in a very major way.

This marks the beginning of a brave new world in which we move head first into a technocracy (ie scientific dictatorship).

Famine and UN intervention are necessary byproducts of what could happen in California and accross our nation. If you do not agree with these conclusions, I have provided the reader with the means to do some very in depth exploration.

Source: From the Gulf Oil Spill to Hurricane Harvey, the Algae Conspiracy Has Gone Full Circle – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show