After The Collapse Series: Terrible Inconvenient Facts About TEOTWAWKI

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After The Collapse Series: Terrible Inconvenient Facts About TEOTWAWKI

September 10, 2017

One of the irrefutable truths about preparedness is that the greatest threat comes from the masses of unprepared people who panic. While Hurricane Irma obviously poses a tremendous threat in terms of winds, rain, and flooding, it’s panicking people who shoot each other, rob each other, steal your gasoline and loot your home…and it’s lack of preparedness that tends to lead people into panic mode in the first place. Also, if you missed the other parts of this series you can find them here: After The Collapse Series.

We have been warned that the power in parts of Florida could be out for days or weeks. This will only lead to more looting and desperation. According to CNBC:

With Irma set to hit Florida as early as Saturday night, parts of Florida was expected to lose electricity for days, if not longer, and more than 100,000 people may need shelter…

Yet how many people were wise enough to prepare for such a scenario, even with over a week of forewarning? The answer, sadly, is “not many.” Most people just don’t plan ahead. Most people get stuck in the day-to-day “normalcy bias” of thinking that nothing catastrophic could ever happen to them, so they don’t invest in backup generators, emergency water filters, stored fuel supplies, emergency food and other supplies. Most don’t have a bug-out plan, a bug-out vehicle or even a paper map. So they freak out and add to the burden of problems that impact everyone else. Truly stated, lack of preparedness is the greatest threat in almost any disaster.

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The best place to start is with what we know. Whether we are talking about when the next stock market crash unfolds, if North Korea detonates an EMP weapon over America, if the Yellowstone supervolcano goes off, or a total breakdown of the society there are a few facts to consider:

Not everyone will survive.  Ouch.

For many, circumstances will trump preparedness.

Preparedness will cost money.  There’s no way around it.


If you talk about preparedness, you’ll be ridiculed. If you keep your mouth shut, you’ll miss out on establishing a support system that is 100% necessary to survival.

A rural retreat won’t save you. The federal government has you in their crosshairs, as does the United Nations.

Stored food runs out, eventually.

Food will be worth more than money in the future.

Even the best-prepared survivalist Navy Seal can be brought down by an infected ingrown toenail.

You probably aren’t tough enough for what’s coming, but then again, you might surprise yourself. Some who survive, long-term, might not be the ones you expect.

In a time of plenty, it’s impossible to imagine the reality of true scarcity.

Someone you know intends to either sponge off you or take what you have when things get tough.

Someone you don’t know intends to either sponge off you or take what you have when things get tough.

By the time it becomes obvious to everyone it will be too late to prepare.

If you don’t prepare then you are the one planning on sponging off someone you know or to take what they have when things get tough.

Turning your back on your starving/dehydrated neighbor (who was either NOT prepared or was LESS prepared) and watching his kids dehydrate WILL be difficult for even the most callous individuals.

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Water will be much harder to come by in many areas. Plan accordingly.

Survival is easy for armchair quarterbacks.

Most survivalists and preppers are overly optimistic when it comes to how much food store, what scenarios to plan for, and their ability to survive off the grid.

The end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) will change the way you and your children and grandchildren live. Forever.

The minute you bug out, your chances of reaching your retreat destination are slim.

You’re kidding yourself if you think your hidden caches won’t be found by others, eventually. Or, alternatively, you’ll forget where you hid them. As proof, how many “buried treasures” have been lost to history in spite of maps indicating their locations?

You won’t know if you’re ready for TEOTWAWKI until you’re in the middle of it. After that, it will be a case of day to day survival.

Ultimately, a too-powerful government will be the biggest threat to your survival — either a totalitarian government or smaller fiefdoms where “might makes right.”

Life will become cheap.

Free time will become a thing of the past.

There’s nothing wrong with preparing for natural disasters, but if you’re not ready for a collapse of the American economy or similar worst case scenario, you’re not ready.

Coming tough times will threaten even the best of marriages and other close relationships.

Growing your own food is a bigger challenge than you ever thought possible.

A green garden can be spotted from miles away, depending on where you live, thus endangering your food source and your family. Savvy, desperate people will be able to easily identify the plants found in the typical backyard garden.

Dealing with human waste and trash will become your new part-time job.

You’ll discover exactly what you’re capable of when your family is threatened.

Formerly strong and capable people will escape their new reality through booze, drugs, and/or suicide.

Protecting and nurturing close family ties will become one of the most important things you can do.

Those who can accept and adapt will find survival easier than those who hold on to the past or have unrealistic expectations of the future.

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